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  • 2008

    The Beginning

    Ancora Foundation is an Indonesian philanthropic organization founded by entrepreneur Gita Wirjawan with an overriding objective to light fire in the minds of Indonesians through education. Established in 2008 with a focus on providing advanced degree scholarships to Indonesia’s best and brightest students, Ancora Foundation's portfolios have expanded to include a critical selection of education-based programs, both in formal and non-formal settings.

  • 2008-2015

    Early Programs and Missions

    Our initiatives are aimed to increasing access to education through scholarship management programs and improving quality of teachers by providing teachers training programs. Ancora Fellowship program had been the anchor of our Foundation during its early years. At the same time we also belive in investing in the key for quality education: teachers.

  • 2015-2018

    Reaching Out to Communities

    Starting in 2015, Ancora Foundation extends its activities to non-formal sectors with purpose to spread the education outside of formal school settings and increase the relevance of topics by speaking about emerging issues.

    This focus also serves partners with customized sustainability program in the area of education that reflects partners’ specific needs and objectives, while at the same time accelerating the Foundation’s aspiration to bettering the lives of people in our communities.

  • 2018

    Moving Forward

    We always believe that everyone should have equal right in getting proper education. We also believe that when you change someone’s life through education, you change a family’s, you change a community, and ultimately, the world. We do this by one step at a time, but one step EVERY TIME.

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Our programs can be categorized in these three focus areas.

Scholarship Management

Focused on mobilizing support to expand access to those who needs it.

Teacher Empowerment

Pledged to empower and inspire people toward productive and meaningful life.

Community Learning

Dedicated to bettering the lives of people in our communities.


to light fire in the minds of Indonesians through education

Ancora Fellowships

Providing access to best universities

Sharing the Dream

Fostering students' aspirations

Pemuda Bangkit Berkarya

Empowering youths in South Sumatera

Education in Anambas

Developing Anambas Islands


Preparing students for labor market

Khazanah Asia

Partnering to find future leaders

Pendidikan Maju Anak Bangsa

Nurturing Indonesia's children


Bringing water education to schools

Plastic Reborn

Pushing forward circular economy

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Ancora Foundation

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